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Title: Commercial Posting Rules
Post by: Andrew on November 10, 2008, 01:31:40 PM
Commercial Posting Policy

Aussie Lapidary Forum is a public forum designed to bring all those interested in Lapidary and Gemstones together.  We actively encourage membership from those involved in relevant commercial businesses and provide the following guidelines for your information. Please contribute - enjoy but do not abuse ;):

1.  Spamming is not permitted.

2.  Membership is free of charge and assumes that you will actively contribute to the community through supporting other members, offering information relevant to your area of expertise and discussing topics of interest.

3.  You are permitted to add your website to your signature block.  We require a reciprocal link in return.

4.  You are permitted to mention products/services you sell if relevant to the discussion and in such a way as would not be considered to be spamming or direct selling.

5.  You are not permitted to post irrelevant messages solely to increase business in a way that does not contribute to the community.

6.  If you are uncertain about whether a post may fit within the commercial posting guidelines, please contact a moderator or admin to discuss.  However, moderation is done with a light hand in the interests of bringing all sectors of the community together in a constructive way.  Any reasonable message posted in good faith is unlikely to be reported for action.

7.  You are not permitted to publicly attack a competitor (see the General Forum rules for more on this).  Aussie Lapidary Forum will not allow commercial rivalry, disagreements or personal attacks.  Abuse of this provision may result in a warning, post editing/deletion or termination of your membership.

8.  Part of the responsibility of commercial posters is to advise, educate and warn consumers of potential problems, risks.  Posts of this nature should be mindful of defamation/libel laws and worded in a constructive and general way to assist other members.  This is a public forum and so you are responsible for the words you publish - not the admin.

9.  You must not use PM to contact members to offer products or services they have not already asked about.

10.  Any prices offered in the For Sale section or suggested in posts by commercial members should not be seen as wholesale.  While good discounts are encouraged for the benefit of the community, we do ask that commercial posters be mindful of the effect of wholesaling on other retailers.  Discounts or Specials should be appropriate to the market (suggest up to 30% on average online selling prices) - excessive discounts over this will be treated as wholesaling and may be removed.

11.  Aussie Lapidary Forum welcomes your participation and support - please ensure your participation is within the spirit of the community.