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Fossicking Locations / Re: Goomburra
« on: January 26, 2014, 01:48:16 PM »
Pratten itself does not have any gems I know of, but plenty of gold as I'm sure you already know. A friend and I found a few good patches of nuggets and some gold alluvial gold as well. There was a news paper clipping from the 70's about the guy that found a 3 carat blue sapphire at Goomburra north. He tried to put a lease on it but failed as it was improved pasture. A legal battle followed and the farmer won. We did manage permission to one property, and let me tell you there were thousands of sapphires laying on the ground. But after 2 full days of searching we didn't find a single cutter. The stones were all small and dark black, brown or green. We approached a few other properties and as soon as we mentioned sapphires we got shut down. You could literally see their facial expression change in an instant. Seems they still remember the last time someone found a good sapphire around those parts haha.

Fossicking Locations / Re: Goomburra
« on: January 26, 2014, 01:35:54 PM »
The basalt up at Goomburra is full of zeolites, though most are very small. I found over 5 different types including pink pectolite.

Fossicking Locations / Re: Goomburra
« on: January 26, 2014, 09:59:57 AM »
I lived at Warwick and Allora for 10 years. There have been a few good sapphires found in the Goomburra area. But not right up the top of the valley. They were found a few k's north of the Goomburra hall.  It's private property and the farmers tend not to let anyone on. But you can always try.  As for the rhodonite near the dam it is also on private property. There is a good contact zone along the hills to the east of the dam. Granite meets sandstone, there is also a lot of petrified wood around that area. Personally I enjoyed specking up at black duck valley, I found agate, chalcedony, coal and cone in cone fossils. But stanthorpe or Glenn aplin offer better fossicking. 

Trip Talk / Re: Tumbarumba
« on: December 26, 2013, 02:25:06 PM »
I will certainly be in for a dig plus show anyone who needs some guidance on where and how to retrieve these great little gems. I have some pics on my profile if anyone wants to know what these high country streams hold.

Trip Talk / Re: Tumbarumba
« on: December 18, 2013, 06:32:31 AM »
If your tabby pump comes with an attached pry bar then it's perfect for the job. No easily won gems here unfortunately, but anyone is welcome to come n try and prove me wrong haha

Trip Talk / Re: Tumbarumba
« on: December 16, 2013, 07:35:10 PM »
Best to get most things you need before coming to tumbarumba, while we do have an IGA, food works and a hardware their stock is limit. Plus the nearest decent town is wagga at 105km away. There is no fossicking gear for sale here anywhere. All you really need if you are chasing the gems and not gold is small sieves some prying ( I use a large flat head screwdriver) and digging tools, plus good gloves. Often the gravel has to be removed by hand from amongst granite boulders at arms depth underwater. I use a glove called tuff task which are a fairly solid black rubber glove, even then after a couple of days the finger tips start to wear out.


Trip Talk / Re: Tumbarumba
« on: December 16, 2013, 07:12:22 PM »
Hi XTMess. Tumbarumba is a small town of about 2500 people. But there are the usual places to get rooms or cabins. The pubs, caravan park, 2 motels and plenty of free camping spots as well. The gems here are usually small but we do get sapphires, zircons, garnets and even an odd ruby. Plus the creeks all hold a bit of fine gold as well.


Trip Talk / Re: Tumbarumba
« on: December 16, 2013, 06:24:35 PM »
Hey jimmy the  fossicking was good last summer and it's looking good this year as well. The best stones down here generally are dead centre of the creeks so summer and autumn are the only times the creeks are low enough and warm enough to work in. The best stone I got last year was a 2.8 ct blue/green sapphire. Nothing huge around these hills but there is the odd nice gem. 


Trip Talk / Tumbarumba
« on: December 16, 2013, 02:13:50 PM »
Hey all. I have been away from the forum for awhile, but since people still contact me for advice or trips in the Tumba area I thought I would jump back on here. 

Well it's that time of the year again when the creeks are getting low enough and the weather warm enough to get back into the gems.  So if anyone is heading this way over the summer period and you would like to catch up for a dig I am more than happy to show you a few spots around the area or any other advice you may be after.

Happy hunting

Trip Talk / Re: Tumbarumba
« on: March 20, 2011, 08:03:07 PM »
hi findem, that link you put up has been a great help to me over the past 12 months i dont know why i didnt think to put the link up, well done :). and to ryan yes mate i will take you out to the areas i have been getting the better gems from as soon as we see a 30 degree day again haha.

Trip Talk / Re: Tumbarumba
« on: March 20, 2011, 07:30:18 AM »
well done ryan im glad you enjoyed your visit to the area, sorry i could not get out to meet you, my family was lucky enough to catch the cold that has been getting around, lol. It would seem it would be next summer before we can get back into tumba creek or paddy's river, but i guess the gems have waited an eternity so 1 more year wont hurt haha.

General Discussion / Re: Fossicking Tips
« on: March 02, 2011, 04:42:27 PM »
OOO sorry it was tinker haha disregard all that ryan....

General Discussion / Re: Fossicking Tips
« on: March 02, 2011, 04:41:30 PM »
hey ryan
I will be heading out this weekend to rubyvale for a fossick if you want to team up for a dig. However paddy's river and tumba creek are running a banker so chances of getting into either of them anytime soon is pretty slim. Also pack your woolies it was 5 degrees this morning !!!

General Discussion / Re: 700 Members !!!
« on: February 28, 2011, 05:02:48 PM »
I,m still on my liver cleansing diet of beer thanks leah  beers  ;D

Trip Talk / Re: Trip from sunnycoast to Minerama gem fest on 12 march
« on: February 24, 2011, 08:27:17 AM »
Haha well my tooth feels much better today. sorry i didnt have road names guys, its been about 2 years now since i have left qld so names eluded me completly but mount sterling road does ring a bell :)
yes if there is to much water your chances of getting topaz are very slim at best. the large patch we found was in the main creek down behind the tip. in the end the topaz was so thick we stopped seiving and were just picking it out, but go only 5 or 10 metres up or down stream and we would only get a few pieces. my advice is to dig in the shallow parts of the creek just before a bottle neck or large obstruction.
good luck guys, hope you find a bucket full :)
o yeah i also picked out a sapphire at about 3 carots but it was a bomb but they are there !!

cheers andy

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