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I’m not really sure what to ask for.
My wife has an old ring and the setting broke off long ago and she has  asked if I could get something set in to it (a few gents at my lapidary club would/ could assist me).
I asked her what she would like and she said something green but not deep dark like an emerald more a solid bright green?? …………………. I’m not sure what that is……..?????  Or a nice pink stone.
I'm not a wealthy man so that rules out the flawless pink diamond and the equally perfect emerald but does open the door for many other possibilities. I guess it opens the doors for pink sapphires and solid bright green periodite, I’m not sure what else it out there that might work? She not keen on CZ.
She also said she like ovals and square cuts.
So I thought I get the word out there to the Aussie sapphire network and see if anyone has a stone or two they are willing to part with for a fair price. Of course I will need a picture so the boss can review first to confirm it meets the solid bright green criteria (whatever that is)? :o)
Thank you all!!

Ask a "Silly" Question / prices for cubic zirconia rough chuncks?
« on: March 06, 2012, 12:12:35 AM »
hello all,
Just wondering if someone can give me a rough idea of prices for cubic zirconia chunks (the rough you buy to then cut up to facet?)

I ask the question as my local jeweller has several pieces of what I assume it CZ in various colours in his window on display with lots of cut stones which are for sale. I was chatting to him about it sometime a go and he gave me a piece of deep purple colour (I think it has 43 grams written on the bottom and that was one of the smallest pieces) for me to facet when I start learning it which is some time off.
I was again speaking with him yesterday about some jeweller I’m waiting for and the topic came up again and he showed me a deep green piece out of the window (beautiful). He asked me what it was worth and I said I had no idea as I don’t facet yet and hadn’t even thought about it?
He then said (and this is what got me thinking) “I have a huge pile of the stuff in a whole range of colours that I’ve had for ages and it just sitting there doing nothing”
So next time I go in I might ask about buying some of him but I wanted to get a bit of base line idea of what is a fair and reasonable price for CZ (I know this jeweller from visiting the shop and being a local but I wouldn’t call him a friend so him pulling a swifty could happen) .

Your thoughts and rough retail price guide if anyone knows one?

Thank you

I think lots of fossicer's have hidden stashes at home. really sad to hear he lost most of his.

Ask a "Silly" Question / to thunder egg or not?
« on: September 02, 2011, 11:50:41 AM »
Thunder eggs, what makes a thunder egg a thunder egg as aposed to a geode or an aget or something else?

I meet a man who owns a claim/ property at lighting ridge, after having a chat for a bit I accquired a hand full of stones (golf ball size) from him, mostly white/ light brown lumpy and bumpy. I assumed them to be small thunder eggs from his claim at lightning ridge (but didn't ask, didn't matter at that point).
I went to my local lapidary club after joining busting to cut them open to see what was inside. As I got chatting to club members I found out the club already has a bucket or two full of very similar looking golf balls sized white/ brown lumby bumpy looking rock and said that the strick rate of finding something decent was 1 in 50 or greater and they don't cut many as it just blunts the saw for no return. (they cut several to show me and to their word there was nothing really of worth in any of them).

After a few weeks I asked could I cut my thunder eggs and they said they were not thunder eggs? but I manage to get mine cut all the same and all had something in them (various milky colours, hints of green and blues etc, aget I believe) including a rabbit kissing a Guinea pig (the rock club people say they see things i the rocks, I guess like the dancing poodle in the thunder egg)  ;)

So just wondering what makes it one or the other?


I have recently joined a Lapiday club at Maitland NSW and have started out on making some cabochons. The stone I'm working with are all browns to black and although great for learning I was hoping to pick up a mixed bag of colour stone/ mineral samples Business card size or larger (If much larger ok as they the can then be cut up) and no thinner then say 9mm up to what ever thicker?
I was hoping if someone could sell/ offer a mixed bag or two of off cuts etc cheap that I could work with would be wonderful!

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