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I have the 10" table saw from AS and I use it to cut beer and wine bottles, upcycled to tumblers, carafes n such.

Problem I'm having is it's not sliding cleanly or smoothly.  It's jerky and sometimes gets stuck.  This obviously affects a smooth cut, making it difficult to cut without chips and cracks.

Any tips on how to get it moving smoothly?

I made the mistake of spraying WD40 on it and the oil just dripped into the water and got everything oily.

Any other suggestions?

RS10 Saw:

I work with recycled beer/wine/spirit bottles to make tumblers, carafes, vases, lamps, etc and I recently upgraded to cut with a diamond saw and grind/polish with a wet belt sander.

I'm making good progress with both tools but my 2 biggest problems are:

1. Chipping on the bottles, and
2. Grinding/Polishing the inside rim of the glass bottle.

I'm interested in any recommendations for the second issue here.

At the moment, I'm grinding/polishing the flat cut and the outer bevel with the Covington Wet Belt Sander using 120 then 240 then 800 grid belts.  Then polishing with a wool blend belt.  This gives me a beautiful clear edge but the Covington belt sander can't do the inside rim.

At the moment, I'm still using my old Dremel rotary tool with Moore's sanding discs to grind away the chipping and create a smooth bevel.  But the finish isn't the same, it's not as clean and it takes FOREVER!  Half my making time is spent just doing the inside bevel. 

I'm thinking some kind of lathe with a cone attachment would do the trick.

What do you think?

Any ideas you guys have would be greatly appreciated.

Also do grit numbers mean the same across manufacturers and products?
Eg, Does a 600 grit cone from ( provide the same finish as a 600 grit belt from (

Tell Us About Yourself / Newbie Glass Artist from Melbourne
« on: July 18, 2015, 10:58:50 PM »
Hi all.

I'm a newbie to the forum.
My name is Dan and I'm a glass artist from Melbourne.   :)
I make sustainable glass homewares and upcycled lamps from recycled materials, mostly beer/wine/spirit bottles.
My business is called Twice Drunk.
I sell online at my website (, in select retailer shops, at community and design markets and have several clients such as hotels and cafes.
I've attached a pic of one of my latest products; a carafe and water glass set, made from a wine bottle and beer bottle respectively.

I'm entirely self taught (if you don't count YouTube).  It all started as a hobby using a manual bottle cutter to cut the bottles and a Dremel rotary tool with Moore's abrasive discs to smooth the edges but has since grown to a successful small business.  I even got to quit my dull-as-hell office job last November. :)

I recently upgraded to some new equipment from Aussie Sapphire. A 10" diamond table saw and a Covington Wet Belt Sander.  I'm still adjusting to the new fast pace but am picking things up quickly. The new equipment is presenting some challenges (the main one being that you can't actually fit a wine bottle under the motor of the 10" table saw) but I'll save those problems for another post I think.

AAAAANYWAY ... I would love to hear from the experts (that's you guys), particularly around 3 issues:

1. What do you do with the sludge/mess from your work?
I'm assuming most of you work with stones/gems and not glass but I guess the resulting mess is the same/similar?  I've heard you shouldn't just dump it in the drain because it's almost impossible to wash away properly and clean out. Can I recycle it somehow?  Is it ok on the garden? What do you guys do?

2. Is there an easy way to wash all the cloths I dirty during my work?
I dirty about 5-10 new cloths each day wiping my work clean to see how I'm going, particularly during the sanding process. I assume glass sludge isn't good for my washing machine so I've not thrown them in there. Any ideas?  (Please don't tell me I have to rinse/wring them out by hand lol)

3. What safety gear do you use on your hands?
I'm cutting and sanding glass bottles.  There is a LOT of small chips of glass flying around.  I don't want to wear big chunky gloves cause I'll lose the sensitive touch I need. Any tips?

Please let me know if I've broken any forum rules.  Happy to be corrected.
Appreciate your input. :)




Initial Tools:
Bottle cutter:

New Tools:
10" Diamond Table Saw:
Covington Wet Belt Sander:

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