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Hiya All,
       Hubby and I are doing a round trip for 2 weeks, as the heading suggests. We would love some hints as to where we could hopefully find some opals in and around Lightning Ridge, we are there for 3 nights, even who to speak too. We're not after anything spectacular, just a small piece or two for jewellery. Then to Inverell as our base for 4 nights, Tingha Sands, Stannifer, Billabong Blue are some of the places we wish to visit, would there be any other places while we are here?? Next we are at Deepwater, parking ourselves behind the pub, for 2 nights. Heading into Torrington from here, and hoping to find some gems there, any suggestions where to head while in there?? After all the fossicking we are heading to Port Macquarie to do some long awaited fishing, just to change the pace, before heading back to the rat race.

Trip Talk / West to Oberon
« on: April 27, 2017, 06:55:41 PM »
We are heading out to Oberon early tomorrow morning, for the day. I am hoping someone could suggest a creek spot reasonably easy to get to (due to the short day trip and no 4x4) we have been out to Black Springs (Vulcan Forest) twice, it was a physically demanding spot, head to toe in mud, but produced.  ;D ;D ;D

Trip Talk / Trip in Early March.
« on: January 20, 2017, 04:27:46 PM »
We finalised our week up to Inverell. Going to Tingha Sands first, staying in park nearby for 2 nights.  Next was Billabong Blue for  2 nights, then on to Deepwater for another 2 nights, fossicking at Torrington. But I have since read they were thinking of closing this area down to fossickers, is this true, or are they still at the thinking stage??? I hope it isn't closing, as it suits our travelling plan to a T

General Discussion / Elsmore Site
« on: January 08, 2017, 03:08:54 PM »
Just wondering what happened with the Ellsmore site, is it open/closed???

Trip Talk / From fishing to fossicking
« on: January 04, 2017, 03:50:42 PM »
My family have been involved in fishing, in all aspects, for many many years. It's now time for a shift into fishing for gems, we are over the dog eat dog world, it's too tiring people are rude, self centred and they will do whatever to get ahead.
My early years were in the country, my father loved fossicking for gold. And now my family, or at least some of them are wanting a shift toward gem hunting.
My son and myself have been to Oberon, twice, my hubby came the second time. We ended up at a public site near Black Springs, not knowing what to expect, we walked in, avoiding the potholes that hadn't been back filled. It resembled Swiss cheese, and we managed to find a spot that was virgin ground, and because there had been heavy rain, we moved further away from the "dry" creek bed and we managed to find quite a few stones. Because  my son and his wife had travelled north west on a holiday 2 years ago and stopped off in Inverell, they  brought back two buckets of dirt which had a number of sapphires in them, We are now planning a trip there in Feb/Mar camping. What I would like to know is where we can camp, with facilities nearby, but not too close to crowds, dig sites and mapping of the area would be handy too.
Love the site, helps those who are starting out especially.

Jan  ??? ??? ???

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