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I spotted a basic faceting on Gumtree that might be right for someone wanting to start faceting - $150. Its old but it has a few laps, indexes and from what I can see the motor is included. I can't guarantee it will cut a stone as it stands but most of the bits are there and the price is right. Might also be worth asking if it comes with a bit of rough.

PS I have no vested interest in this sale, nor do I know anything more than what is indicated in the add. Please apply your own judgment and due diligence if your interested in this purchase.


For Sale, Swap or Wanted (Please Read Rules First) / Sintered cup lap?
« on: November 15, 2016, 07:48:19 PM »
Any faceters out there think that the lap pictured in this add could be a sintered cup lap? Kinda looks like one to me but can't tell for sure.


Gemstone Faceting / Facet design conversion to GemCad
« on: August 31, 2016, 03:50:53 PM »
Hi All,

I'm not sure if this interests anyone but I'm pretty handy with GemCad, so if you have some faceting diagrams that aren't already in the Datavue Gemcad database I'm happy to convert them into GemCad for free.
Simply grab a photo of the design and email it to me at gettingmywebmail(at)gmail(dot)com. As long as the photo is legible, I should be able to create the GemCad rendering. Please limit emails to 10 designs, and please respect any copyright considerations.
I'll then return email the GemCad version of the design. A GemCad design can be tested and adjusted in GemRay for optimal performance, which is difficult with a printed design.

Gem Ranger

Gemstone Faceting / VJ faceting machine
« on: April 09, 2016, 10:21:13 PM »
Hi All,

I was recently fortunate to acquire a second hand 2003 VJ faceting machine. The previous owner had passed on. It came with some laps, dops, transfer jig and rough. No tools or 'extra bits' could be located. I've since cleaned it and parts seam to turn fine and the motor works. I've contacted the manufacturer for replacement belts and the manual. I've more or less figured out how one would cut a stone on it but need to fit the replacement belts before I can give it a run.

My question is that for those that own a VJ, what are some of the key things to keep an eye on, and what might the machine be worth? I have a Gemmasta that I'm happy with but the VJ promises greater angle accuracy. Also, is there anyone in Brisbane that services these machines?

Gem Ranger

I came across this one on Gumtree -

It looks like a Drabsch faceting machine to me, which is a higher end unit. Like the Facette and VJ, its a quadrant style machine which are popular with facetors these days. Having seen a friends Drabsch, its a very solid unit and quite heavy which will suite some but not others. He rates his quite highly.

Anyhow, the add is very non descript. It doesn't indicate if its in good working order and doesn't specify what laps, rough or other equipment is comes with. Imo, for anyone interested in taking up faceting, this add is worth following up on, especially if a solid, robust faceting machine is your thing.

If anyone knows how easy parts and servicing for these machines are, please add a comment to this thread.

As always I have no affiliation to the seller.


Another Gumtree auction find. Best of luck to whoever goes and please post up if you do get something worthwhile -


Hi All,

I came across this on Gumtree. Too far for me to go but figured someone here could benefit. Going by similar auctions in the past there's likely some great bargains to be had.

If anyone does go, and does well, be sure to post up pics :). I'd luv to see what was on offer.


Gemstone Faceting / Locket option
« on: February 19, 2016, 05:51:19 PM »
Here's an idea for the holiday fossicker, who finds a small collection of facetable gems and sends them overseas for cutting, only to find that setting them in a jewellery for a loved one will cost a small fortune.

Simply take the small cut gems and place them in this capsule type locket. Problem solved for $60 - ... plus perhaps a chain :)

Full credit to Paul Clacher for providing this tip in the latest edition of FacetTalk


For Sale or Swap / Faceting machine - $350
« on: February 18, 2016, 04:26:06 PM »
Here's a well priced beginners machine on Gumtree for anyone wanting to take up faceting. Yes its old but going by the description seems to be running ok and it comes with a few laps and accessories $350

Please note, I have no affiliation with this sale and I'm only expressing my opinion based on what I see in the add. Please do your own due diligence if you are interested in this sale.


Trip Talk / Crater of Diamonds State Park - Arkansas
« on: February 06, 2016, 05:24:58 PM »
Imagine finding this during a days fossicking -  :o :o


Gemstone Faceting / Tips
« on: January 03, 2016, 01:57:33 PM »
Hi All,

Heres a couple of faceting tips I picked up over the Christmas break;

1. As indicated on Jeff Grahams archived website, using cerium oxide (like in BATTstick form) on those thin, blue Spectra laps works well. It speeds up the polishing and keeps the lap effective for longer. Its a great way to polish quartz.

2. Try nail polish remover to remove dopping glue like Dextone. The Coles brand 80% acetone one worked for me. It does evaporate so soaking the dop in an enclosed container is the way to go.

Any other tips??


Gemstone Faceting / Free Facet Designs
« on: January 01, 2016, 01:04:13 PM »
Happy New Years All,

After a bit of Googling I came across the following, a collection of free facet designs from John Bailey for all those faceters out there - enjoy!


Wanted / Australian Lapidary Magazine
« on: April 05, 2015, 01:57:31 AM »
Hi All,

Just looking for a couple of copies of the old Australian Lapidary Magazine. In particular;

- Volume 17 No.7 February 1981; and
- the copy for July 1981

If you have them please let me know. I can buy or swap for other copies.


Gemstone Faceting / Spotted a GF3 on Gumtree
« on: February 20, 2015, 11:42:34 AM »
Hi All,

Whilst browsing Gumtree I came across the following add for a Gemmasta GF3 faceting machine for a reasonable price. I figured as I already have two, I'd refer this one to the forum -

Its listed at $999 but I'm sure theres room to bargain. In my opinion its a solid machine for a beginner or intermediate facetor. It doesn't have the micro angle adjustment of the GF4 but it can still knock out a good stone. As Gemmasta's have had issues with their motors in the past, be sure to see how it runs before purchasing.

Please note that I'm not affiliated with the seller in anyway. I've only put up this post to help those interested to possibly secure a machine at the right price. If I've over stepped any forum rules here please tell me to pull my head in  :)


Gemstone Faceting / Making (or loosing) money from lapidary
« on: October 29, 2014, 05:26:50 PM »
Hi All,

I figured I'd share the following experience with you. After many years in lapidary I recently decided why not try to make a little money out of it. I figured faceting gemstones would be a little too labour intensive so I looked around for a faceted gemstone supplier. I eventually found a dealer in Pakistan. After a bit of negotiation I bought the pictured parcel of faceted tourmaline - 48ct, 31 stones for $563 delivered. That's $11.73 per carat. Payment was via Paypal and the transaction went fine.
I received the stones and they we ok albeit paler than the photo and of course commercially cut. The facet edges were also a little rough when viewed under magnification but OK when viewed without.
After sorting I lost 19cts increasing the cost to just under $20 per carat. I figured the retail price on this material would be roughly $150 per carat so plenty of margin to make a profit. After much phoning around and jewellery store visits in my local area, I soon learnt that cut stones are very difficult to sell, even for a low price. It seems almost all jewellery stores have their supply chains sorted and that theres on over supply of faceted stones from overseas. Anyhow, after a while I just gave up ... and lesson learnt.

If anyone else has any positive or negative lapidary related money making experiences to share, this is the place to post  :)


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