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The Canberra Lapidary Club's 2016 Spring Gemcraft and Mineral Show will be held Saturday 29 - Sunday 30 October from 10am to 5pm at the Mallee Pavilion, EPIC. Entry is $5 adults, $10 family, $2 children/concession.

The Canberra Lapidary Club's 2016 Winter Gemcraft and Mineral Show will be held on Saturday 28 - Sunday 29 May from 10am to 5pm at the Mallee Pavilion, EPIC. Entry is $5 adults, $10 family, $2 children/concession.

Shows and Events / Canberra Lapidary Club Rock Swap
« on: December 18, 2015, 05:05:46 PM »
The Canberra Lapidary Club's Rock Swap will be held on Saturday 16 - Sunday 17 April from 8.30am - 5.00pm at Wagtail Way, EPIC. Entry is free!

The Canberra Lapidary Club's Winter Gemcraft and Mineral Show will be held in the Conference Centre Parkes Room at EPIC (Exhibition Park) from 10.00am - 5.00pm
Saturday 4 - Sunday 5 June.

Entry: $5 adults, $8 family, $2 children/concession. Free onsite parking.

There will be around 20 dealers selling mineral specimens, rough and cut gemstones, jewellery, fossils, opals, crystals, beads, beading supplies, and lapidary equipment. 

Members of the Canberra Lapidary Club will have their collections on display, and will be demonstrating some of the techniques being taught at the club such as how to grind and polish rock into cabochons, and how to facet a stone into a sparkling gem.

There will also be free fossicking and gold detecting sessions, as well as the opportunity to purchase raffle tickets to be in the running for an amethyst and diamond ring, drawn on the Sunday.

Contact: Norm Menadue
Phone: (02) 6258 6631

Trip Talk / Gemtree fossicking
« on: July 01, 2009, 03:27:59 PM »

22-29 June: Joined FossickerACT for a week at Gemtree, NT, fossicking for zircons and garnets.

My first sieve on the first day at the Zircon Hill site yielded three pale pinky mauve zircons amongst the magnetite-rich gravel wash, two of which were cutters. Knew we must have been onto the right stuff! Newly made friends Helen and Barry from SA working the adjacent hole were matching our success rate. After three days we managed to join the two holes, celebrating the break through with a beer over lunch.

Final tally for me (although not all cutters) was:
Day 1 – 26 zircons totalling 104 carats (biggest was 14.4 carats)
Day 2 – 42 zircons totalling 137 carats (biggest was 9.1 carats)
Day 3 – 26 zircons totalling 105 carats (biggest was 14.3 carats)

A long day spent fossicking for garnets out near Hart’s Range West was equally successful. FossickerACT was in ‘Pied Piper mode’ as a convoy of vehicles followed his Subie, negotiating the jump-up to get to where the action was. Bagged over 400 carats of cuttable garnets and at least a kilo of material for the tumbler, mostly all a beautiful strawberry red colour, with some nice pinks as well.

Had an awesome time and was sorry I couldn’t tag along for the rest of the trip. Can’t wait to go again!

Trip Talk / Native Dog Creek
« on: May 11, 2009, 10:05:38 PM »
A group of Canberra Lapidary Club fossickers headed out to Native Dog Creek weekend before last - in spite of reluctance by some who anticipated terminal frostbite at this time of the year.  ::)As it turned out, the weather was beautiful! 8)

It was Ted’s turn to be leach bait, so the rest of us just dabbled by the edge of the creek, finding zircons but not much in the way of sapphires. Theory was that the concentration of zircons resulted from past gold sluicing in the creek. In fact, the entire paddock was pitted with holes and trenches from previous gold-digging activity.

Second day proved to be more successful for those who persevered, but the party split and we opted to go see the Somerville fossil and mineral collection at Bathurst. Would love to know how they etch fossils out of the matrix so they appear 3-D. There were awesome gem and amber specimens too. Many thanks to Jason (team leader) for organising the event! beers

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