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Ask a "Silly" Question / Re: Possibly Silly Question from Newbie
« on: December 30, 2019, 06:42:18 PM »
Hi and welcome Cherub
There's two old Books that I'd recommend :-
Australian & New Zealand Gemstones , how & where to find them . Edited by Bill Myatt

The Australian gemhunters guide , by K.J Buchester .
You'll have to hunt ebay & such & 2nd hand book stores , but it'll be worth the effort

Cheers   beers

Forum Announcements & Rules / Re: Christmas
« on: December 19, 2019, 06:59:18 PM »
 I'd also like to wish " all " a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year , hopefully with Rain to fill our Tanks and renew our burnt surrounds .
Cheers  Iain

Wanted / Re: gem rough Darwin to Broome
« on: May 09, 2019, 06:31:49 PM »
Diamonds , Garnets , Agates ( in the loose alluvials ) can be found below the diversion dam . Try Buttons gap . Fossil deposit across the river . Fishing can be good too , but always !! watch for the snapping handbags !!!!
A boat is essential for the best agates that are right at the bottom of the reach on the left hand side .
All the gullies/creeks in the area produce Agates . Middle ck , before the halls ck turn off , is a perfect example , but they tend to be in total nodule form & are hard to find .
Good luck

Ask a "Silly" Question / Re: Cooking Matrix Opal
« on: April 12, 2019, 03:26:49 PM »
Blast and humbug
if you want that recipe Tinker , email me & I'll send it to you

Ask a "Silly" Question / Re: Cooking Matrix Opal
« on: April 10, 2019, 05:22:55 PM »
Hi Tinker
have just put my late uncles matrix opal cooking recipe in the gallery .
hope it helps

General Discussion / Re: throw screen mesh
« on: April 10, 2019, 05:08:49 PM »
Hi Milo
I was a throw screener for a lot of years and I can assure you 1/8" is too small .
about an inch for the top screen and 5mm for the bottom one .
you'll still get your small sapphires , but most importantly you'll get rid of the dirt and clay that muddies the wash water .

Tips, Gadgets & Brag Board. / Re: What are these gadgets?
« on: October 21, 2018, 05:24:04 PM »
First one is definitely a Trommel
The second a grinder or buffer
And the 3rd a Sluice
And I wonder if the Sluice attaches to the Trommel to catch any "FINE" Gold ?

Fossicking Locations / Re: Opalton claims
« on: October 21, 2018, 05:09:05 PM »
 If you need to check if a claim is current in Qld ,
Go online

Go to the Qld Dept' of natural resources , mines & energy
Find , Public searches for resource authorities , down on the right .
Find , resource authority public report .
Enter the Claim number .
Submit . And it's status is there .
If it is a very old claim it probably won't be in the computer data base .
The mines Dept' people in Winton were always very help full and are the first people to take any inquiries too .
Hope this helps
Good Noodling

Location of the Month / Grump's Gully Tomahawk Creek
« on: August 06, 2018, 08:37:42 AM »
A new spot at the fossicking area of Tomahawk Ck , Qld
Co ord's  S: 23*20'40.1"  E 147*28'42.6"
Cross the entrance grid , then turn right onto the "flat" where a lot of fossickers camp .
Veer right & follow the main track . This is the Feather Bed . Follow the track
[size=78%]to extensive diggings , veer left , cross the dry creek , then continue straight and another dry creek and more diggings appear on your left . keep those diggings on your left , go to the end , veer right and take the first ,only , turn off to the left . this winds though the prickly scrub and bush to the fence line . Go another 50m and that's as close as you'll get by vehicle track .[/size]
[/size][size=78%]The rest of the way is walk or Bush bash .[/size]
[/size][size=78%]4x4 only . Tracks are Rocky and washed out in places so beware .[/size]
[/size]Grumpy's Gully is virtually untouched and good Stone awaits the intrepid[size=78%]

Shows and Events / Re: GEMORAMA
« on: June 30, 2018, 06:55:09 PM »

Trip Talk / Re: Darwin Parking
« on: June 30, 2018, 06:29:21 PM »
Hi Mouse
I'm not in the NT anymore but may have contacts that may help.
Let me know if you still need assistance and I'll see what I can do.

Trip Talk / Re: Kununurra WA
« on: April 21, 2017, 12:00:14 PM »
       I read this post on Kununurra and thought I'd put my bit in .
I worked with a prospecting Co , based there . Our camp was at Buttons crossing /Buttons gap on the Parry ck Rd , which is accessed via the Valentines spring Rd . We were searching for Diamonds ..
       I f you go there you will find a number of old concrete pads . These are from our Plant site , down near the water . And our camp , up on the high bank .
       Agates can be found on any of the stony flood planes and if you have a Boat there are some good ones down stream .
       Where the River is shallow , there used to be an old Tree stump . We used to Pan for , and find small Garnets there .
       Quite a bit of Wash from the area was put through our Plant to test it on occasions , and Diamonds were always found . All the Geologists considered them not worn down enough to have come from Argyle , so great lengths were taken by many companies to find there source . As far as I know the consensus was that the Kimberlite pipe must be under the Argyle lake itself . Forever lost ..
       Back to Buttons gap . Upstream , past the big sand hill are good rock bars that must trap the heavies . Across the River there is a rock bar that continues down stream for quite a way . this was marked as a Fossil bar on our Geologists maps , but we never tested it out .
       We used to Fish in our spare time in those days , and Rocks were just something we worked with , or Spec'd by accident , so I've never really fossicked the place by hand .
       I don't know what the access is like these days as I haven't been back in almost 20 years . But you do need a 4wd if you're going to go down the hill to the Riverside and the sand upstream can be treacherous .
        It's a beautiful spot , and the Fishing excellent when I lived there .
        Don't camp right next to the water in case they open the Diversion Dam gates . And be Crocodile aware . Those snapping Handbags are real !
       Good Fossicking

Tips and Gadgets / Re: Mesh
« on: January 20, 2017, 12:46:55 PM »
G'day Rick
Don't know if you've got your Mesh yet . But there's an Engineering place in Rubyvale that carries it .
I got some off cuts recently for a project . 4mm x 4mm stainless that will last 4 ever . But it's not cheap .
I think the place is called Rudy's Engineering , just ask at the Hardware or the Shop , they'll head you in the right direction .
Cheers Iain    beers

Ask a "Silly" Question / Re: Opalton
« on: January 01, 2017, 12:46:36 PM »
G'day Bosssy
I've just handed my claim in at Opalton and have been going there for a number of years ..
There was still a lot of water around , when I was there in October and all the big Miners had parked up their gear , and there camps deserted .
There is still colour to be found there . The Brilliant claim is just one , but perhaps  the Best . The local Miners turn and add to the piles there , and if you're patient , you can do well .

Noodling will produce colour , esp after rain . But it does take awhile to get the Eyeballs tuned in ...
My advice , would be , Camp at the Bush Park . Noodle around , and try and meet some of the locals
They are good folks in the main , and will usually let you Noodle their claims  once they know you ..
The Bush Park costs $2 a night and has rough Huts and a Donkey shower .
But it goes without saying .. Stay away from Pegged land .. some people get very Cranky ..

There are also tracks going Hell , West and Crooked from there , that lead to abandoned mines , but a good 4WD is essential , and there's no Phone service , so plan and prepare well .
Hope this helps in your search for Colour ..
Cheers Iain   beers

Shows and Events / Re: Minerama
« on: March 12, 2012, 09:22:10 AM »
    What an excellent event
                      We spent friday and sunday morning there , and there was everything , from Age old
fossils , to man made Gems , and everything in between , including ''Mehoose'' rough Opal :) of all kinds..
                      All the stall holders we talked to were very friendly and helpfull , and the whole thing is a credit to everyone that helped make it happen .
                       BUT . We camped at 3 Waters for the weekend , and fossicked with limited success on the
Saturday . Minerama had a field trip there too , on the saturday .
                        The guide sat in the car the whole day & read a book . Giving no guidance or help to his charges . Then when they left the property , 3 sets of seives , that the landowner had supplied , were not returned , they were brand new .
                         The land owner is not amused , and I wonder if this is the way field trips should be run
I'll leave the answer to that ,  up to you all .

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