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haha yeah I get that from time to time waking up at different hours of the morning sometimes I see it other times I've missed them I was surprized on how many posts he made. 

haha nar got on at 6am saw the notification at about 5:40 ish am but all removed now

on behalf of ALF I wish to apologise about the inappropriate posts made by a user who originated from overseas I would like to thank steveo for reporting the posts and bringing them to my attention all of the postings wore about porn and wore removed at 6am today however they wore posted between 2 and 4am earlier  35 posts in total wore removed and user removed too.

How to post Pictures & other FAQ / photo bucket hosting links gone
« on: September 27, 2017, 08:11:17 AM »
hi I thought I would let you all know that if you had linked photos from your photo bucket account to the forum the links are now broken and won't show those pictures anymore. I myself had to remove some of my missing links witch is a shame because the hosting service now wants people to pay for hosting images instead of being a free hosting service. and have cut most photo links just in case you we're wondering why.   

Fossicking Locations / Re: Victoria, Heritage List Goldfields?
« on: September 27, 2017, 07:59:22 AM »
it won't happen I don't think

what areas ? Victoria new south whales Queensland ?

Trip Talk / Re: ALFers trip to Powelltown 23 Sep, 2017
« on: September 27, 2017, 06:27:29 AM »
bugger I missed out on this one off well ill come in a bear suit next time and hide in the creek before you all get there haha :P  ;D good to hear you got some goodies

Ask a "Silly" Question / Re: selling collection
« on: January 02, 2017, 07:07:06 PM »
hi and welcome to the forum  :D beers could you post some images up and prices ? im sure people would be interested

Tell Us About Yourself / Re: G'day all
« on: December 15, 2016, 05:55:48 PM »
Hey Rock Hunter,

That wouldn't be the old fella with the caravan set up? Either way pretty funny.

I was talking to a bloke at Mooralla around the same time who was looking for some rough opal that he saw dumped earlier, not sure if he ended up finding it.
sounds like it puts a big white tent up used to have a old fire place he made there in-between two trees ? his name is George

General Discussion / Re: Gemstone Caravan Park Eldorado closing
« on: December 15, 2016, 08:47:07 AM »
dam that sucks I too spend a few days there about 4 or so years ago bit of a shame it being sold why can't the shire just leave it open ? maybe costs ?

General Discussion / Re: Dangerous Mining
« on: December 15, 2016, 08:42:29 AM »
thanks Leah at the moment its almost a full time job lots of work trying to manage a mine on your own but getting there. hopefully I can get back to fossicking for gems soon I do miss it.

Tell Us About Yourself / Re: G'day all
« on: December 15, 2016, 08:39:41 AM »
Hi starsapphire,

I found some cuttable Rhyolite dumped at Mooralla once, I'm guessing someone got it from the rocklands and maybe didn't have room for it after fossicking at Mooralla.

Would be quite sad if family members of a deceased fossicker just dumped their collection, hope that was not the case.


hahahaha I know the bloke who left it there lol :) and no it was not a deceased fossicker however he is in his 80s last time I was with him there. he dose that anywhere he go's you'll even find Mooralla crystals at Rushworth area on the ground lol when they didn't even come from there I think he dose it to encourage people and kids to fossick but hes one funny bloke :)  ;D

General Discussion / Re: Dangerous Mining
« on: December 15, 2016, 02:47:33 AM »
I also think the post should be left at what it is as I can see where things are going if you don't have anything nice to say don't say it. maybe get back to the topic because no one wants to waste time arguing at each other instead we want to talk about gemstones and licking rocks in our free time.  ;D :P

moderator  :)   

General Discussion / Re: Dangerous Mining
« on: December 15, 2016, 02:37:04 AM »
try a few years under ground opal mining,dig or starve,no dole on the opal fields wake up greenie.

im a small scale miner too and it is hard work working down 60 meters mining for gold not easy work at all as well as digging adits out fully by hand with a wheel barrow because that's the only thing you can get down steep hills and aussie sapphire used to mine their own sapphires witch is also not easy big costs involved leases land bonds equipment etc etc. so really no one is a greenie on here so to speak most like mining but would like to see others in other poor country's do it a lot safer than they are and not be killed making a living.

Fossicking Locations / Re: Wandong Fossil Site
« on: December 15, 2016, 02:25:33 AM »
yeah understandable I thought the same but I went knocking on a few neighbours doors and found out after the 5th house that they wore using the land for a horse to graze on  ;)  also sent you a pm message

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