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Trip Talk / Heading to the Harts Ranges
« on: May 24, 2017, 08:50:53 AM »
Hi All...

Well, I'm finally going to tick the Harts Ranges off the bucket list. Heading up there in four weeks from the 26th June - 14th July. Hoping to spend a few days at each of several locations including the Mount Palmer mica mines, Entia Valley and Mud Tank.

Firstly, are there any ALFer's who might be up there at the same time?

Secondly, can anyone help me with directions to the iolite / kyanite locality in the Entia Valley?



Fossicking Locations / Broken Hill Fossicking
« on: July 25, 2015, 12:50:59 PM »
Hi All,

I have an update on fossicking around Broken Hill. Unfortunately we had a visitor come to Broken Hill at the end of last year and did the wrong thing.

The story I have heard is as follows: This person went out to a location on spec and came to a locked gate. They then rang the property owner and asked for a key and got the expected response of "GTF off my property". The issue is that MY NAME was used as the person who supplied the information given about where to fossick.

As a result I am no longer welcome on this property and that has got me really annoyed as it has taken me 15 years to get the access I had up to October last year. I now have a big bridge to re-build thanks to one inconsiderate person who was effectively trespassing. >:(

If any ALFers know who this person was or can give me more details about their conversation with the landholder in question, I would like to know.

One of the MUST DO's that I always say to anyone wanting to fossick around Broken Hill is that you must get permission PRIOR TO going out to any station.

What this means is I am now reluctant to help out any visitors to Broken Hill who want to go fossicking. I cannot give out directions to people that I do not personally know, especially if I'm not sure that they will follow simple etiquette when it comes to station owners. 

I'm sorry that it has come to this but what else can I do?  :(


Fossicking Locations / Chiastolites of the Olary district
« on: January 02, 2014, 11:49:52 PM »
Last year I located a new spot for big chiastolite crystals in the Olary district. I had been to the classic locality of Mount Howden and yes, there is still a lot of material lying around. The problem now is that Bimbowrie Station is a conservation park and fossicking is no longer permitted. Supplies of these crystals have effectively stopped now that the station is closed. What I want to know is whether or not there are still good samples from the Mount Howden locality in collections around Australia. How many ALFers have good pieces of chiastolite from the Olary district? Are they still as common in collections as they were at the height of lapidary popularity in the 1960's and 70's or have they been lost over time?


Fossicking Locations / Fossicking Laws across Australia
« on: April 01, 2013, 10:37:59 AM »
Hi All

I've been reading a lot of the info that members have put up on this forum about the different regulations around fossicking in the various states. Most people have asked for information on several basic questions, so I thought it might be useful to have all the info in one place (plus it would make a very good article for my next club newsletter)

1. What is the definition of Fossicking?
2. Where can I go Fossicking?
3. Do I need a permit?
4. How much material can I take?
5. Are there any other restrictions I need to know about when fossicking?

To start this thread I though I would look at South Australia and NSW, since these are the two states that I have had the most experience.

South Australia

1. Fossicking is described as the gathering of minerals as a recreation and which does not disturb the land or water by the use of machinery or explosives, and without the intention to sell the minerals or to utilise them for a commercial or industrial purpose.

2. With the appropriate permission - anywhere in South Australia.

3. No permit is required to fossick within South Australia. However, you must obtain prior permission from landowners before entering their property.

If the land is under an Exploration Lease - permission from the leaseholder is not required if you only wish to fossick. Again see the property owner.

For an active Mining Lease - permission must be gained from the holder of the respective claim, lease or licence.

4. There are no specific bag limits. Discretion is advised to leave some behind for the next fossicker. Removing large amounts would mean that the fossicking is for commercial gain, which then breaks the fossicking law.

5. As with most other states the site must be left as close to how you found it. Backfill any holes, cover over with any removed plants etc. Remove all rubbish.

The website for most of this information is

New South Wales

1. Fossicking is the small scale search for and collection of, minerals, gemstones or mineral bearing material from the surface (or by digging from the surface) with hand-held implements. This activity may only be undertaken for recreational, tourist or educational purposes.

2. As a general rule, fossicking in accordance with the legislation can take place on any land, provided that permission is obtained from the landowner or land manager, except in National Parks where fossicking is prohibited. Note: To fossick in State forests you need permission from Forests NSW, in the form of a special purpose permit.

3. No permit is required (except in the State Forests), however permission must be obtained from the landowner or lease owner if the land is under an active mining lease.

4. Fossicking is limited to taking no more than the amounts prescribed in the Mining Regulation 2009 during any single period of 48 hours. This includes 10 kg of mineral-bearing material, 5 kg of minerals  (other than gold or gemstones), 50 grams of gold (or 5 nuggets of 10 grams or greater) or 100 grams  of gemstones. Gemstones refer to Group 6 and Group 7 minerals listed in Schedule 2 of the Mining  Regulation 2010 and include diamond, sapphire, ruby, corundum and opal.

5. Fossickers are no allowed to damage or remove any bushrock, or cause the disturbance of more than 1 cubic metre of any soil, rock or other material during any single period of 48 hours.

The document that has the details for this information can be found at

There's a start...

Anyone else please contribute about the laws in your state.

Regards Trev

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