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Tour de north
« on: October 25, 2013, 08:42:01 PM »
Hi all,

Just back from a quick trip around the eastern half of Victoria.  After the Great Day Trip to Powelltown that Calx didn't attend, my mate Les arrived on Monday evening.

We pulled up stumps on Tuesday morning and returned to Powelltown for the morning.  The not so secret hole that I commenced digging on Saturday was attacked again, with some minor results, but nothing to write home about.  No leeches either so more proof that they enjoy the taste of Yankees.  We moved on that afternoon to the Avon River at Stratford where we specked in the rain with some nice finds in the couple of hours we spent there. As the rain started to set in we continued onto Bairnsdale for the night, thinking 'it's mid week with nothing on, surely we won't need a booking'. 

After searching the town for 45 minutes with nothing but 'no vacancy' signs, we found a cabin at the local caravan park. Where we watched a very intense storm move over and drop a lot of rain and hail on us.

Wednesday was clearer and we pushed off to travel to Beechworth via Omeo.  As we travelled along we noticed we were being passed by heaps of BMW motorcycles.  Morning tea was at Omeo where we spoke to said motorcyclists who informed us that there were over 200 of them and they had stayed in Bairnsdale the previous night, hence the 'no vacancies'.  We were pleased to hear they were going to Bright that night and wouldn't  impinge on our intentions.  The weather quickly deteriorated as we climbed out of Omeo and was downright poor by the time we got to Mount Hotham, couldn't see more than 10 metres in the fog and rain and snow.  By the time we arrived in Beechworth it had cleared somewhat and after dropping our bags in the motel, went to scout some spots for our assault the next morning.

In the glorious morning sun we left Beechworth on Thursday morning and spent 2-3 hours in Reidy Creek (or is it Reeds Creek?).  This caused our rippling muscles to ache and sweat to roll off our bodies but didn't put anything in our specimen jars.  With a quick stop in Eldorado to check out the dredge, we sprinted down to Heathcote where, again the muscle thing happened but this time at least we got some nice black jasper from near Lady's Pass.  Note to self: next time bring a hammer and cold chisel, easier than smashing rocks on one another to get a manageable size!

We then returned to Benalla via Redesdale (yes I know they are in opposite directions) where we partook in a particularly nice Indian dinner and retired for the evening.

An early-ish start this morning saw us going through Tatong to the Toombullup area for a scratch around in Ryans Creek (again without success) but the 7 degree air temperature and the, what felt like -5 degree water temperature forced us back to the vehicle after an hour or so.  We then returned to our digs in Melbourne via Bonnie Doon and Yarra Glen.

We're off to check out a couple of stores in the area tomorrow to see what we can 'find' there, to make the trip more successful, and onto Warragul on Sunday for the rock swap.  About 1400 kms for a couple of handfuls of agate and some small quartz jelly beans!  All in all a great trip. 
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Re: Tour de north
« Reply #1 on: October 25, 2013, 09:14:51 PM »
Thanks for the blog, glad you're having a good time. Have a feeling you could speck a few agates on Sunday! See you bright & early.  ;D
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Lapis Lupinus

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Re: Tour de north
« Reply #2 on: October 25, 2013, 11:00:32 PM »
Great report Bucket. Do you reckon Reidy Creek is still worth a look?


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Re: Tour de north
« Reply #3 on: October 26, 2013, 08:10:47 PM »
It could be, Lapis but after talking to a local fossicker who was sluicing there on Thursday morning, they are few and far between.  My mate and I did not get a speck of anything in the few hours we stayed there.  Getting extremely hard to find anywhere that hasn't already been dug.
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