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New laps review
« on: May 22, 2020, 02:27:39 AM »
I met someone who makes laps for faceting.
They are 6 inch laps with a 3 mm thick "sintered diamond" layer on a thick backing plate.
The diamond layer is made with some kind of extremely tough and hard rubber.
He makes them in 170/200 micron (aprox. 80 grit) up to 7/10 micron (aprox. 1000 grit)
80-120-200-240-300-600-1000 grit.
Apparently some professional cutters from Idar Oberstein love his laps.
They cut very smooth and dont chip the stone even in the courser grits.
The way they cut remind me a bit of the nubond laps, The 300 grit lap cuts way faster then my 360 nubond but leaves almost the same finish as my 600 nubond!.
You can resurface them with sandpaper on a glass plate.
I think they would also be very good for fragile stones as they are so gentle on the stone regarding chipping.
They even sound very soft and silent when cutting. They are dirt cheap around 100 euro a piece.  ;D (dont know the exact price)

Edit: He just told me a few new things about the laps;
They are made with "ebonite", it is rubber with 40 to 60 % sulfur which after vulcanisation becomes rock hard.
Because the diamond is imbedded in rubber the particles sink/spring back in the rubber when cutting, that is why they leave a very fine finish for the grit size.
They should not be put out in the baking sun as the top layer is prone to expansion under intense heat and could pop of if it becomes hot enough, although under normal use and storage this will not be an issue.
They are used best at slow speed, I use them turning a little bit faster then I do my polishing laps.
If you use a lot of water they will leave a finer finish, if you cut with a little bit of water they will stay sharp, because the sludge from the cutting will wear down the top layer and expose new diamonds.
Too much water will cause aquaplaning in the finer grit lap like 600.
They dont have a backing plate of aluminium because the special glue that binds the rubber will not stick to aluminium.
So the top layer is glued to some kind of tough phenol backing plate.
There is about 100 carat of diamond powder in a course lap. (less in the finer grits)
You can cut all materials on these laps.

Some photo's from the laps (I will try to upload some better photo's soon)
63/80 micron (200 grit)

30/40 micron (300 grit)

I tried to make some photo's from the finish of the laps on a stone.
Very difficult to get a good picture (this is the best I could do)
I cut a piece of quartz on my 360 plated lap. This is the finish.

This is the finish of the 170/200 micron (80 grit lap)

This is the finish of the 63/80 micron (200 grit lap)

This is the finish of the 7/10 micron (1000 grit lap)

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Re: New laps review
« Reply #1 on: May 22, 2020, 12:19:32 PM »
They sound good, I would be interested in laps like this, particularly 600.
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Re: New laps review
« Reply #2 on: May 22, 2020, 02:24:05 PM »
I would be interested as well.



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Re: New laps review
« Reply #3 on: May 23, 2020, 06:08:57 AM »
I think he ran out of the 600, and he is ordering stuff right now to make new ones.
He gave me a full set to try out, but I dont have the 600 myself.

If anyone is interested in the laps; shoot me a personal message and I will give you his email adress.
You can contact him and do the transaction with him. (I don't want to get in between)
Just to be clear; I don't make money of this or have a business interest.
He is a top bloke! I met him only twice in person but would trust him with my wallet!
He resurfaced 4 of my polishing laps, and he also repaired my faceting machine, both for a bargain price.
He also gave me a full set of his laps, "try them out, if you want to keep them you can pay them later", he said.

He told me a funny anecdote about him selling one of his laps.
A customer at his stand on a gem and mineral show had been doubting for over half an hour if he was going to buy one of the laps.
So he said to the customer;"buy one now and cut stones on it for a year, you can return it next year and get a full refund in exchange for the lap if you dont like it"
The customer bought the lap and was back again at his stand the next year to buy the rest of the other grit sizes available.


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Re: New laps review
« Reply #4 on: May 30, 2020, 03:20:57 PM »
I just ordered a 600 lap and some other things. (600 were sold out, so i don't have that one at the moment)
He told me he is trying to order the ebonite at the moment to make a new batch of the 600 laps, but it is difficult to find in the non vulcanised form.
The factory he used to buy it from does not have it anymore. (or only wants to sell in bulk)
He has got everything ready to go, exepts for the ebonite.

He told me he found a small company yesterday that might be willing to make him a small batch, so fingers crossed!
For the people who ordered some laps; He will problably have the new ones ready in a few weeks.

I am going to help him to make the laps when everything is ready. The diamond needs to be mixed with the ebonite by using two rollers (wringer).
I will probably turn the wringer while he adds the diamond and ebonite. Will keep you updated!


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