Gems & Gemmology

GAAGemmological Association of Australia17720
Gemology OnlineA non-profit Forum for the exchange of gemological ideas29790
Colored StoneColored Stone magazine website (USA)8610
Field GemologyVincent Pardieu's website - travel and gemmology combined.9460
MinDatMineralogy Database (info on minerals & gems)30552
Carat Weight CalculatorDendritics gem weight estimator17210
AGTA Gemstone Information ManualPDF booklet on gem care & treatments6090
IGSInternational Gem Society - reference charts and articles.5590
Gem InterestComprehensive site on all types of gems. In French so you may need an online translator to help read this site.6340
Gemology courseFree online course on gems and gemology by Barbara Smigel PhD, GG.7210
EmporiaCourse on Gems from Emporia State University - much of the course material is available online here.6470
The Quartz PageA great overview on all things quartz related. The site covers Macrocrystalline types , Cryptocrystalline types and more...7230
Additional Quartz readingMore information about the quartz group of minerals7380
GemsdatAlphabetical list of data such as refractive indices, density, birefringence, UV reactions, spectra, etc.4641
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