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Title: What size rock can I cut
Post by: Andrew on November 20, 2008, 07:59:03 PM

 The question came up today what size rock can I cut with a trim saw. A long answer but to sumarise,A trim saw is just that meant to trim. Ie getting Rough ready to preform or cutting small rocks. We had a customer today buy a Inland 6" which we sent off as requested,later got a call to cancel after it was on the truck as the saw would only cut a 1" rock and they wanted to cut 3". To cut 3" you need at least a 10" saw and if doing much need a good clamp and power feed. The Tip,Research the choices and consider the use you will give a saw. I think a saw is a "must have" but perhaps a small saw will do at home and use the clubs slab saw for the boulders?
Anyway the customer made a mistake which I do on a regular basis and its on the way back to us for a refund,I think we have them on the right track now.
 Cheers Andrew
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