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I have some nice Ruby's or sapphires facte grade I am willing to give to you on one condition  and that you cut me a stone as well .?
Would be nice to see them cut into a nice peace for a ring the sapphires would cut approximately 1.5 carats each
The Ruby's not to sure about them they are both natural and on treated , the sapphires could do with a little bit of heat treatment just to make them the perfect blue
If your interested I will give you my email .
I will hear from you if you're interested thank you

hey everyone I'm looking for some cheapish material that is facet or cab grade but preferably facet     anyone that has anything like :
even some smaller aqua pieces  would be great or any others people have

Just anything that wont break the bank haha I'm only a mere apprentice,
Cheers Caleb  ;D

My father in law is in Gemstone business for 30 years. He sells Ceylon Sapphire and gemstones in Canada, USA and Asia. He would like to target Australian market as well and asked me if I can provide some details. I don't know anything about it as I am an IT professional. He has stones rang from $10000 to 400,000


1. Could anyone tell me where Gemstones buyers be found in Melbourne, Sydney or Australia?

2. Where to buy rough Sapphire stones in Melbourne?

3. Where to find gemstones cutters and polishers in Melbourne ?

Thanks in Advance

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