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Bingara - "Rhodonite Mine"
« on: February 13, 2009, 01:50:30 PM »
Whitlow Rd "Rhodonite Mine" is a public fossicking area 9km north-east from Bingara.
Head north about 3.7km from Bingara on the main road to Warialda and you will find Whitlow Rd on your right. Turn right and go 5.2km and you will see a short track on the right that goes about 100m to the "mine". I think there is a small sign that says "Rhodonite Mine". The GPS coords are 6696585N 56269035E (WGS84).
The "mine" is basically a cutting that exposes the seam of black manganese. Inside the manganese is pink rhodonite. The concept is that you find the seam and then, using some heavy duty weapons, dig out chucks of manganese/rhodonite. Note that you might have to do a fair bit of heavy "earthworks" to find the seam. Or, you can scratch around the general area breaking up any black rocks that you come across and see if there's any "pink" inside.

[smg id=215 type=preview align=center width=400 caption="Bingara 'Rhodonite Mine'"]

[smg id=214 type=preview align=center width=400 caption="Rhodonite"]


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