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New Inventors Fossicking Walking Stick



 Hi all
 anyone else see the New Inventors last night? The young person that invented the Fossicking Walking Stick was great,so good to see the younger ones looking after us more delicate aged ;D
 Hopefully I can find a picture of it somewhere.
Cheers Andrew

Hi Andrew,
No I didn't see that but with my newly acquired "fossickers back" ... I might just be looking for one  :(
Also, could you possibly turn the rain off now ..... I'll be up there soon & I need the ground to dry out a bit ... thanks in advance  ;D
Regards, Paul

rain?  yum yum.  perhaps Peter at 7 Oaks will have enough water to run his trommel for a change??

Good thinking Shane .... a nice relaxing day under the trees watching the machinery do all the work sounds pretty good.  I might give him a call  8)

I thought I would reawaken this old topic.
Scroll down to the very bottom of this page for the 'Fossiking Walking Stick", shame there is no picture.


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