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Is this stirling or plated silver?

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I bought this bracelet for my girlfriend a month or so ago, I was looking over it tonight and I noticed that the clasp has had a layer scratched off of it from it. The colour under the scratch is a very dark colour, almost black. It was sold and is stamped as stirling silver however I am worried I have been sold an inferior product, what do you all think?

From Rock to Ring:
Hi Matt_95
It's a bit hard to tell from the pictures, but the scratches look like the top material has been scratched through to a base metal of some sort.
If an article is manufactured from solid sterling silver and is scratched the metal is the same colour right through. the best way to check is to get an acid test done on it, a local jeweller or pawnbroker would be able to help you there.
From the pics it doesn't look very promising, but good luck!

Thanks very much, you've confirmed what I was thinking, what sort of acid would need to be used? I have several here, the strongest is phosphoric acid I think, if that's not useful I will take it down to the jewelers tomorrow. That would be a legitimate reason to return it wouldn't it?

Matt, if you've been sold something with the belief that it's stirling silver (925) and it's not, then yes you do have grounds for returning it.  You may have even paid for the weight of silver and have been overcharged for the item as well.  ACCC grounds for returning an item state that if the item is not as described (in this case 925 silver) you are entitled to a refund. The scratches look somewhat suspicious.


Aussie Sapphire:
Acid test will be most reliable but if you have a strong magnet available you could test to see if it is attracted to the magnet in which case it is NOT sterling silver. Not all base metals are magnetic so this is not a definitive test but worth a try if you happen to have a suitable magnet.



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