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removing stones from old jewelry

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OK I have an earring with quite a few diamonds in it. I lost the other of course. Well I thought I should use the diamonds for something else. How do I remove them.

If the setting is designated scrap then remove them by cutting them away with a jewellers saw.For claws just below the stones girdle.For bezels at the girdle but only go around a bit past half way and pull the metal away and the stone will come out.

You could try the IDIOTS WAY and melt the gold and the diamonds float to the top

Haha awesome. Now I heard something today that sounded ridiculous but my lack of opal knowledge has me doubting myself. Can opals be removed from and old setting.

Opals arewnt diamonds. So you need to be very careful.same proceedure,but the sawblade can chip or scratch opal.

PS opal dont float in molten gold just kinda explodes

The jeweler said that the opal would crumble. I thought it sounded strange. That as long as they were careful it could be done.


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