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gem setting burrs


Hi guys
I'm currently half way thru cutting a beautiful piece of flame fusion ruby (from Aussie sapphire of course)
Its an 8.5 mm Garnet cut with a faceted girdle. Aparently a good cut for darker stones. It's going to be flush set in a chunky men's ring ( yet to be cast) and the pattern takes an 8 mm stone.
My question is what size round and setting burrs do I need to buy ?

The stone needs to sit snugly into the setting, especially if you are setting using pressure, such as when gypsy setting or parve setting.

You'll need both burrs to be the same size as the stone.

However read up on the types of setting you plan to use, settings like parve settings are not really suitable for large stones.

Gemstone settings by Anastasia Young and Creative gemstones by John Cogswell are good sources of information.


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