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possible ruby ring dunno whether to get it tested

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Aussie Sapphire:
It is my understanding that some natural ruby does not fluoresce if high in iron - some natural (often highly desirable types) do fluoresce but synthetic should strongly fluoresce.  So reaction under UV light in not necessarily indicative of it being synthetic but I am not a gemmo so hopefully others more expert will chip in.

Do you have access to short wave UV light - or just long wave?


only long wave

Aussie Sapphire:
This info may help - see chart at bottom of page.  Note that fluorescence is NOT diagnostic - it assist with identifying gems but additional tests must be done for definitive answer.


You may wish to do as Ghost has suggested - use a loupe or microscope to view.

Lighting is important - different types of lighting and different directions of viewing the stone to the light source.
Suggest having a read about Natural and Synthetic inclusions in ruby to help indentify what you might see. The GIA and some other sites have some informative info.

Also remember there are different types of synthetic rubies - verneuil flame fusion and flux melt which can have different properties.

Have fun - I know I still am.........


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