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the result of my 1st attempt at rhinocad

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so a while ago i posted asking about cad programs so i got rhinocad and had my 1st attempt at making a set of cufflinks using it. the text is "dat gloria vires" and "glory gives strength" which is my mothers side of the family's family motto in both latin and english. the stone is tiger iron. still have to finish the other 8 pairs though hahaha

Aussie Sapphire:
They look great.

Agree they do look great beers

Capt. Mendoza:
Pretty Good first attempt, well done!

Did you 3D print it yourself and cast it or did you go through a company?

I'm still looking for a good 3d printing company that offers quality high resolution wax printing at a "reasonable price" - ( Does anybody know of any? )

Top effort mate!!!


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