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Facetron Price Rise in the USA
« on: October 23, 2014, 03:00:39 PM »
 Facetron in the USA has advised that they have had to raise their USA cost by $200 USD or about $224 Australian Dollars on todays exchange ;)

 From Facetron:
Unfortunately, the price increase for Facetron had to take place because everything from aluminum to anodizing went up last year and we held off as long as we could at the old price.  In September, we got hit hard with price increases of motors AND controllers so we had to raise the price of the machine to cover the increases of our suppliers.

We will be able to maintain our online price for the next 5 machines which are in stock or on their way but after that there will need to be a Price rise here too hotthirsty

Aussie Sapphire is Proud to still be Facetrons Largest Dealers in the World selling the most machines by far and its a pleasure as the company is great to work with and they build good machines and provide great factory support.

We are seeing a trend again of price increases in the USA and other countries so its a matter of time before we see price increases here - we will try and absorb these as much as possible but it will happen. 

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