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Finding North

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This tip may help when following a map...or your way back to the car...
You can find North approximatly by using your watch and the sun. Point 12:00 in the direction of the sun. North will then be roughly half way between 12:00 and the current time. So if the time is say 2:00pm, point 12:00 at the sun and North should be in the direction of 1:00.


Good post.

It saved me once, and also learnt a good lesson.

Always secure your compass.  and carry a watch. :-\


Seeing some of our members live in the Northern Hemisphere, they should be aware that the same technique is used to find South for them.



my digital watch doesn't seem to point to North consistently.  Please send instructions....  ;D

lmao this reminds me of a rescue in western australia. a guy was fishing off the coast and lost site of land.

the coast guard found him around 24 hrs later almost 100nm off shore and asked how he got so far out without any nav equipment and he said that his friend had told him if he looses site of land to just head towards the sun. what his friend didn't say was that only worked in the morning (thats right it was afternoon when he followed it)

believe it or not its a true story happened in 2000 or 2001 when i was in the navy, my ship was put on standby for it

you have to laugh at some people's stupidity (i know it was a standing joke on the ship for a while)



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