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An amazing collection of Sapphires ?


With my interest in gems Gumtree targets me with adverts.
These look quite amazing !
How would you put a value on these ?

that would be worth a pretty penny or 2

Gem Ranger:
Interesting Nssian,

With regards to value it of course comes down to whatever someone is willing to pay for it. Imo only the stones are commercially cut, average to poor colour, no real size - I'd only be willing to pay up to $1300 for the parcel (obviously I'd offer less), c.a. $5 per stone. Granted that barely covers the cutting cost but realistically if I was looking to sell them at a profit I'd be lucky to average $25 per stone. Considering the effort, time, expenses and non sold portion of the collection I'd consider myself fortunate to make any decent money from it.
The seller on the other hand will no doubt value this collection at close to market value which will be a far cry from the amount I'd be willing to pay. You might also find the seller is reluctant to negotiate due to the collection being inherited from a dearly departed relative.
On the flip side, also be aware that these gem parcels are often dressed up to make them appear like they are something more to the uneducated buyer. I have no doubt that these stones are sapphire, but inspect them in person for cut, colour, size and clarity if you intend to purchase.

Best of luck,

Aussie Sapphire:
Some good points made by Gem Ranger.

A quick look at the photos indicated most of the gems were quite small so not a lot of value there in the marketplace - different of course for 1ct plus stones but it doesnt look like the collection includes many (any??) of those.

If are looking for gems for your own collection, then consider and make an offer but much more challenging to get it at a price which will offer a reasonable profit for reselling.

It is the sort of thing that would need an in-person inspection as not much info in the ad (total, average, range of carat weight, etc).


Thanks for your feedback Gem Ranger and Leah
I would be unlikely to purchase such a collection myself.
However your comments give me a good insight into the value of such Gems.
So sapphires follow a similar trend to diamonds where stones over the 1ct mark command a much higher value ?
I am much more interested in getting my own roughs cut & set (still need to find a nice Cache of sapphires for that though !)


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