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Identification tool Kit


I see the topics on fossicking tool kits, but none on identification. I use very few tools. These include:
The MacDonald encyclopedia of rocks and minerals 1995
A 10X folding magnifying lens.
A 50X pocket microscope.
A hardness 8.5 tungsten carbide pen. For hardness test, my usual question is, is it sapphire?

A pendulum magnet, very rarely used these days.

What do you think is nessesary?

Sounds like all the essentials. I would throw in a pocket knife or some form of steel blade for an approximate hardness of 6 - Is also handy for fending off those nastly drop-bears... :o

My magnet is out of a computer hard drive - quite strong.


Hehe, we've got a couple holding the fridge together Jad;)

Speaking of opal, someone a while back was asking where to find jelly opal. Anyone know this? I think they were after a specific area but I'd love to know anyway.


Hi Merryn. When I closed my mine at the Ridge (coocoran field) there was plenty of jelly opal laying around the old workings........might still be there and as the coocoran is now almost deserted I guess it's a case of helping yourself. However it might be common curtesy to ask anyone that you see around there before doing so. Just in case.

You mean you left it there :o Sacrilege :'(
Any unloved jellies can come stay with me ;D


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