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OK .. Headed to Ewingar SF this weekend :)

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Hi everyone ...

Off to Ewingar this weekend .. Finally :)

18wedding anniversary. And it was my turn to choose holiday weekend.

Heading down Saturday staying at Drake then through to Ewingar on Sunday.
So hopefully tracks and things into Ewingar creek and the Bulldog diggings haven't turned to mud.
Maybe someone could chime in there regarding likely conditions through past the forestry camp through to Ewingar Creek ??
We will have an Mitsi Outlander SUV, and it aint no Navara :)

Also my wife and son will be there so how  prevalent are  things like ticks, leeches and snakes going to be like at this time of year.
Will take Deet though. :) and mongoose.

The targets will be smokeys, quartz, amethyst and may even have a quick pan of some bedrock wash/gravels for the gold.
Hoping to find the pegmatite and fingers crossed, some decent crystal.

Anyone welcome to comment on Ewinger, anything to share please feel free.

Will be posting up pics and report next Monday evening

So looking forward to it. :)

No just to get through this crap weather.

Thanks Jason. Looking forward to the report of your trip

Have a good one Jason, I hope the trip works out well with many splendid crystal finds. I too will be looking forward to reading about your visit to Ewinger. Definitely one of the things in my bucket list.   ;) 8)

Malachi  beers

 :) G-day Jasonr , you will find many things at Ewingar. Leaches and snakes probably yes... not many ticks at the moment, wait till the hot weather hits, then there out. Oh and State Forests running around looking important ::) You need a permit for fossicking in state forests >:(, They "Patrol" Ewingar often  ::) .....Might be a little slippery getting around up there, its raining up there too at the moment...But the goodies are there to be found... have fun that's the main thing...

  Gemster..... beers

Hi everyone ..

Well we are at Drake and there is a little rain about .. not too much though and the ground around the pub doesnt feel waterlogged at all from previous rain so thats good :)

Staying at the Lunatic Motel (yup that is its name) we just finished a fairly nice meal at the pub ..

Staying here in a room .. 100 bucks a night for the three of us and it has a separate bed room with double bed for us bigguns.

Will be off fairly early tomorrow morning to make the journey to Ewingar ... Will stop at the forestry camp and try to get a few more photos of the place including inside the cabins as I couldn't find any on the net of the actual building interiors.

If not too windy I will release the drone for some aerial photos aswell :)

If anyone else is around feel free to say hi :)
We will be driving a silver Mitsi Outlander.
And knowing me, the one bogged in the mud.

More to follow over the next few days :)



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