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Re: OK .. Headed to Ewingar SF this weekend :)
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there is a YouTube video of a family with 2 young boys which seems to suggest that there is a huge log over the Bulldog (up) road, so come up through Ewingar village. back in 2008 I used to go up in my old Ford Station Wagon. And even took it along the main drag which loops back to Lionsville, took one look at Washpool Creek and said nah! so headed back to camp in one of the old huts. if you have kids go to the bridge over Elkhorn Road, take your togs in summer, lie in the ice cold water (your bath for the day). Apparently smokeys are still coming out of this easy location. Most of the Lapidary clubs knew Rae's Point- it is at the end of a 200metre walking from the main drag, there used to be am old miner's hut there. intrepid Clubbers kept the track in reasonably walkable condition by ploughing in with their 4 wheel drives, but the walkin track may now be overgrown. They took smokeys out by the bucket load. The only "accommodation" in the area is the Lunatic "Motel" (name after Lunatic, the raging gold town 1870-1880); Lunatic is located up Chevron Hills Road from Drake, over Spankers Creek, past Madman's Gully; used to be 13 hotels at Lunatic in its days, today only shafts and ghosts
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