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Adhesive for jewellery?


Just a quick question about what adhesive to use when making pendants on bezel plates. Do you just use superglue type product or an epoxy? The bezels are only small so I don't want the glue showing. Thanks :)

Aussie Sapphire:
A two part epoxy will always be stronger than a superglue type adhesive but for this job you need a good quality, high strength one (not the 5 minute version).

We find most of our customers are using either Epoxy 330 or UHU Plus (endfest) for these types of jobs. These are stronger and tend not to yellow like some of the cheaper hardware type epoxies.

As you need to mix the two parts together, there is often a little bit of waste if you only need a small amount but it will hold much stronger.


Thanks Leah, as always you've been very helpful :)


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