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Where can I purchase brooch findings to put stones into?  I'm after a tree of life with 3 stones

Where can I purchase men’s ring findings to put stones into?  After a Men's Gypsy ring to take a 4-5ct stone
Thank you in advance

Koodak at 125 Swanston St Melbourne should be able to help.

Aussie Sapphire:
Please also note that when looking for blank findings/settings you need to know the shape of the stone and the size in mm (preferably to 0.1 decimal place).  Knowing the carats is not helpful in this situation - you need to know size.

I think I mentioned this in my email.

There is normally much less choice in men' ring settings - there is just not the demand for them compared to women's styles for manufacturers to have a lot of choice available.  Likewise with brooch settings - not a lot out there.

If you go custom-made, the sky is the limit and anything is possible. Obviously more cost involved.  Some suppliers can make to order from a CAD design which may be of interest to you - this is useful where you cannot find an off-the-shelf design to suit your needs.

APECS provides this service (and a few others) - we usually recommend APECS for stuff we cannot supply but there are other choices as well.  Some (eg. Palloys, etc) are more suited to wholesale customers in the trade and can be a hassle to set up an account.  Not sure Koodak does settings - lots of different findings available but did not think they had many (if any) blank settings.

Tip - findings generally refer to components such as jump rings, bails, clasps, etc.  Settings are the complete item without gem (rings, pendants, earrings).

good luck.


Apecs is a really good option.

They do small lots and one offs. Good people to deal with.
Browse their catalogue, let them know pattern number and the size. (They size the wax before casting so you don't need to cut and join Silver or Gold).
You get charged for the wax, casting and the weight of precious metal but it is still very very reasonable, all you need to do is clean up any remaining sprue, polish and set your stone.

If you feel like fabricating your own setting then A&E metal will supply you with the precious metal to do the job, again good people to deal with, and are happy doing smallish lots.

I just googled "blank jewellery settings NSW" and got more hits than I'll post here.

Did you try that at all?...


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