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Aussie Sapphire:
This post is for any member who offers a gem cutting service to make this known to potential customers.  We find that we do get a lot of enquiries from people looking for someone to cut their gems - while Lamberts is appropriate for some stone, there are often occasions where people want a better quality job from an Australian cutter. If you can offer this service and wish to post to indicate this, feel free to do so below.


Please, no repeat posts - just one post to advertise any essential details.  We suggest that personal information is not posted for your own security so location can be very general and usernames used in the post.   If you run an established business, you may post your website or facebook link but for those hobbyist cutters who work out of their home, be conscious of your personal security when posting identifying information.

Contact should be made through the Private Messaging system so we suggest you do NOT post your phone number or email address directly.

You do not need to post your rates if you do not want to - this can be discussed with potential customers off forum.  Please indicate your general location and what your speciality is (eg. cabbing, opal cutting, faceting, custom cuts, etc).

If you have photos of your work in the gallery or elsewhere, feel free to include a link or thumbnail images.

From the customers point of view, if you would like to contact any of the cutters posting here, please do so within the PM system. It is your responsibility to do your due diligence and be confident that a good job will be done. Please be conscious of the fact that gem cutting is not a guaranteed thing - sometimes things can go wrong despite all efforts or flaws can become a problem part-way through the job that might affect the end result. We recommend being clear and realistic about your job as this assists the cutter in meeting your requirements.

Note that this thread is posted on ALF as a service to members only. All negotiations will be done direct off-forum by cutter and customer.  Although we do not expect any problem, ALF can not be responsible for any disputes or problems arising from use of this service so please proceed carefully.

Leah (admin)

Great idea Leah - There has been a lot of enquiries for Australian cutters.

Gem Ranger:
For anyone wanting a gem faceted, I can help.

I'm a hobby facetor who's custom faceted close to 200 gems. My rates are reasonable and I have a large collection of facet designs to suite any rough. I can also source most types of rough.

So, for those wanting a custom cut gem, just send me a PM and I'll let you know how I can help out. My general area is Brisbane (Bayside), but postal orders are also an option.

Kind Regards,
Gem Ranger

Very impressive Gem Ranger.  :)

Hi Leah,
     Could this thread be "pinned" somewhere like the Lapidary faceting section. I have had an inquiry about getting sapphires cut today at the club and this thread is useful to refer too if it can be found easily.
     Opps it has been pinned just not where I could find it!                                        beers Ted


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