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Christmas 2017 arrangements for Aussie Sapphire
« on: December 01, 2017, 05:05:39 PM »
An important Christmas/New Year message from the Aussie Sapphire Team:

# Orders are shipping everyday on time but the volume we are handling is very large.  We ask that you assist in this extra busy time by getting your orders in as soon as possible for Christmas presents or to stock up on your supplies over the holiday period.

#  Last shipping day for this Year is Friday 22nd December - please allow for public holidays when estimating shipping time for these very late parcels.

#  Normal shipping for Online or Email orders only resume on Wednesday the 3rd January 2018.

# The office phone will be unavailable from the 23rd December until the 8th January to allow the Aussie Sapphire Team a short but very well earned break.

# The warehouse will not be open for appointments during this holiday break period to allow us to spend valuable time with family.

# Any general, shipping, pricing or warranty queries during the holiday break period must be emailed.  We will be checking email but the office phone will NOT be answered during this time so for fastest and most efficient contact, always email your query through to

# Normal operations should resume mid January but please assist us by contacting us via email instead of phone wherever possible.  Orders and queries that are received online or via email will will be given first priority over telephone messages.

# Remember you can always stay up to date with Aussie Sapphire news at our
ALF Forum and Facebook page.

Thank you to the thousands of valued customers who have again supported Aussie Sapphire
in 2017 with by far the biggest sales year on record.  We really appreciate your support and look forward to working together in 2018.  For those who are taking a break over the summer, enjoy yourselves - for those who have to work, make sure you make time for family and fun where you can. 

So to summarize:
A.  Get orders in ASAP allowing for shipping time to your location.
B.  Use email so we can help you most efficiently
C.  Have a fantastic holiday break !!

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Re: Christmas 2017 arrangements for Aussie Sapphire
« Reply #1 on: December 01, 2017, 05:11:36 PM »
One last thing:

We plan to run a few very short "flash sale" type specials over the next 2 weeks.  These will be promoted mainly on our facebook page but also here on ALF for those who do not use Facebook.  Blink and you will miss these so stay tuned in case anything is of interest to you.

Look out for the "12 days of Christmas" specials coming up....


Also - where shipping time is getting tight, we do offer a courier service but overnight service is ONLY available for orders that can fit in an air satchel.  Check with us first if you are unsure.  We have recently changed our road courier service from Star Track Express to Toll Ipec so there are some efficiencies now available to us plus potentially some cost savings to some areas so feel free to email us for a quote.  Redelivery fees apply so make sure you give us a work/business address or safe drop instruction when requesting courier delivery.

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Re: Christmas 2017 arrangements for Aussie Sapphire
« Reply #2 on: December 02, 2017, 11:23:50 AM »
Day One of our 12 days of Christmas Flash Sale is now up on Facebook.

Essentially it is a 25% discount on any blank setting - discount will be available until Monday only so dont leave it too late.  There are no codes or anything - the discount is automatically applied to any eligible product. 

If you are stuck for christmas gift ideas, I am sure that a nice piece of jewellery featuring your own gems would go down a treat - just a suggestion  8)

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