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hand held stone cutting saws


Before leaving Townsville I had a tile cutting saw to which I had fitted a 6" lapidary blade which worked okay for smaller sized rocks and slabs. While I took my multi wheel polisher and other tools I had to leave my saw behind as air freight costs were considerable. (Air freight, as advice here was that freighting materials was complicated and where possible just bring what you can in suitcases as personal baggage.)

Located now in Indonesia I am considering using a hand held Dremel type saw for cutting slabs as the cost of purchasing a regular stone cutting saw here would be rather expensive.

Has anyone used this type of hand held saws fore this purpose? I'd be glad to receive some response and thanks in anticipation.

Dremel cutting slabs is not going to be fun harry  ??? I wonder if you could approach a local engineer to build you a simple saw and buy your blades from say richon so postage is not to bad. Maybe richon or another asian supplier might have saws or arbors so freight is not too much.

I've got a solution Harry put a saw blade on your polisher/grinder  ;D


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