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Ranger Itchy:
Hi Guys,

Is anybody from this forum going to the Thornton Rockswap this Sunday at the Thornton footy ground? I'm travelling up this morning and would like to see others from this forum attending and supporting this great yearly event. This will be my 5th year in a row that I've been, I make a weekend of it and camp onsite. It's not only a great event for me but I look forward to the socializing with other people with a similar interest and to catch up with friends. It's on the 23rd of February, I think it starts at 9:00am and goes through till when people want to leave which is usually around 2-3pm. Look forward to seeing some of you there!

Cheers Ranger Itchy beers

I was planning on going, this has been the first year I've missed since starting to do some cutting.  Some how I got the dates mixed up and thought it was this Saturday, even though I had marked in the calendar on the correct date.  Didn't realise my stuff up until I saw your post on midmorning on the 23rd.
I planned/hoping on having a site and had even sorted out some excess gear and rough to take. now I guess I'll pack it away and wait till next year.
Hope it was a good day.


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