Author Topic: Beginners in Need of Some Simple Guidelines and Some easy Locations  (Read 1306 times)


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Hi, Im just looking for some simple places to take my Dad fossicking, we both have the Miners Rights Ticket but so far( roughly a couple of years now ) have been caught up just GOOGLING Information and not really understanding most of it. WE both have metal detectors but really not trying to start a mine up , if you know what i mean. I think my dad has used his once on the Beach, after buying it several years ago. He'll be 80 this year and i'd like to tick this one off his bucket list. We live in Bunbury. So looking for Weekend trips only. Any one got some tips please.


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Re: Beginners in Need of Some Simple Guidelines and Some easy Locations
« Reply #2 on: July 01, 2020, 11:02:18 AM »
Bunbury Agate.   On beaches in the area.   A white to clear chalcedony, sometimes with gas and liquid inclusion.   Polishes up nicely, like moonstone.
Could see industrial wharfs from the beach we visited, but don't know its name.
Believe the deposit to be offshore of the beach, and either insitu, dumped or dredged.   Sorry no further details.
Was there many years ago so maybe worked out now.
A West Australian Lapidary club would be an ideal starting place.   there is one in Rockingham and another in Perth.
Welcome to ALF.   Hope you and dad enjoy the hobby.


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