Author Topic: Slab Saws are available  (Read 8115 times)


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Slab Saws are available
« on: January 11, 2020, 08:36:15 PM »
Highland Park Slab Saws are now available from in North Qld. Highland Park Lapidary Co. make no secret of the fact that their Hightone series of saws are based on the Lortone 12” & 14” saws. But they have improved them significantly from better quality carriage assemblies, heavier gauge steel cases, easier maintenance and more. Watch the videos on their website to get more information. Spare parts are available for their saws and equipment and in fact fit the Lortone range as well. The factory where their products are made is in fact in China but is owned by Highland Park Lapidary Co.. The company CEO, John Rowland actually resides in China most of the year carrying out R&D and ensuring products meet the required standards at all times. Point of interest is that Highland Park Lapidary Co are the only equipment manufacturer in the world that actually have stone cutting factories. This is why their equipment is so good, they know what works well.


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Re: Slab Saws are available
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