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International Faceting Challenge.

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Faceting Frank:
Close to getting started on the stones I’m going to cut for this comp. One stone “Leaf in the wind” has to be cut in light green synthetic spinel. I’ve contacted my usual suppliers and none of them have green spinel. Does anyone know where I could get some. Thanks.

steve f:
type green spinel rough on ebay, there is mobs of it.

Faceting Frank:
Hi Steve,
Yes I've seen green spinel on eBay, but it looks emerald green. They may not regard that as light green and disqualify my entry.

I think the #149 tourmaline green is the lightest you can get. I don't have any green or I'd give you some Frank. Some of the emerald green are fairly light as well.
Their ebay store seems shut atm, till the 22nd.


Faceting Frank:
Thanks for that. I see their store is shut till Thursday, so will order some then.


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