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cleaning polish lap

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Glen edge:
Hi all, just wondering whats the best way to clean a typemetal polish lap. keep getting scratches on my stonesevery now and then

Faceting Frank:
I clean my laps in the laundry tub with hot water and laundry detergent, with a small scrubbing brush.

Glen edge:
Thank you, will give it a go

Hi Glen edge,      Some will disagree with this but it works for me. I scrub my type metal with solvol soap to get rid of both the swarf from polishing and the concentric rings left by use. Diamond can ball up in these rings causing scratches. Solvol leaves a finely scratched surface (scoring) which acts to hold diamond and speeds up polishing. Some will object that solvol could leave sand grains in the lap to cause scratches, never has for me or the world class competition cutter that was my mentor.                                                                                           beers Ted

If you use oil or anything oily on it, i would try using some degreaser first, then scrubbing with warm - hot water. Solvol will help with the cleaning process as will a softish brush. Give it all a good rinse with clean water when finished. Being type metal, you can use wet and dry paper of 800 grit or higher to flatten the lap again. Put the sheet of wet and dry on a sheet of glass, water will help hold it on. Place the lap face down on the sheet and, using plenty of water, move it across the sheet in a figure of eight pattern. Again, when finished, rinse well with soap and water.


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