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brain fade


There is a small town famous for small crystal formations which begins with the letter T and I can't for the life of me remember the name. NSW or Queensland.
There is a small caravan park near the fossicking area which rents out a small caravan for overnight stays. The town is at the end of a road and you could drive through and miss it.
A feature of the town is a little war memorial covered by a green tin roof with, I think, a kangaroo or emu on the top. There is a memorial stone with name of fellows who went off to the first world war and a group of four or five brothers who went away.
The crystals from the area are usually referred to by the town name.
Does that ring a bell with anyone?

Torrington in northern NSW?

Yes, that's it. Thank you Fullerton. I just couldn't quite get it. That little war memorial is just something. I hope the "restoration" called for does not destroy the character.

I guess no trips to Indonesia for you in the forseeable future


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