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High bankers

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The Aussie Boy:
Hello fellow fossickers

I am looking for a design of a high banker or somewhere in Sydney or Newcastle or anywhere in between where I can buy a mini high banker like the gold hog piglet or at
least around that 500 to 600 bucks

regards Harry

Unless you are using the highbanker in your own backyard you will not legally be able to use it with a water pump in any state except Victoria.  There are diagrams on how to build one on the Prospecting Australia forum see as an example

The Aussie Boy:
do i need a lince

I think high bankers aren't allowed in Victoria either.
Yes you need a licence for any prospecting or fossicking anywhere in Australia, cost varies from state to state.

That's an interesting revelation Rusted. It would be nice to know how true that is. I hope your right ! ! Nearly every time over the last 10 years I've been fossicking Reedy Creek, I've seen and heard someone operating a high banker or similar motorised (petrol) device. Personally I prefer panning for gold. I find the activity therapeutic, the sound of the running water is very calming.  beers


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