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The Aussie Boy

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« on: October 07, 2021, 11:06:16 AM »
Gday all

I'm looking for
fossicking locations (PM me please so it's not for all to see)
tourist locations
equipment you take
quartz outcrops (PM me please so it's not for all to see)

I am probably heading out there in the 7 week holiday (Christmas time) And would absolutely love to see some people out there

regards Harry


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Re: Tuena
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Hi Aussie Boy, sounds like you should be looking at joining your local lapidary club, this is the sort of information they would be able to help you with, particularly the equipment you need for the various types of fossicking. I think it might be a long shot regarding the quartz outcrops,  unless someone lived in the area or was a regular, it's not the sort of info a visitor might have. As far as the area goes, I'm not in the state but I also haven't heard of anything coming from that area, except from around Oberon and the area to its south. That's not to say there's nothing there, just that it may not yet have been found. Jasper and petrified wood are common and  might be found, jasper can be found in outcrops or reefs as well as in river rocks. If there's a creek or river in the area, a wander along the bank can be fruitful, particularly if there's plenty of stones along the banks.  If you take a shovel and have access to a set of sieves it may be worthwhile have a look for anything that occurs at Oberon, namely sapphires and zircons. There is a knack to using them correctly though, that's where a lapidary club would be able to help you more. Good luck with your hunting.
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Re: Tuena
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I know you can find gold there I’ve been there before


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