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The illusion of cubes
« on: November 28, 2023, 09:39:58 AM »
Was flicking through my Youtube feed (as I do) when I came across this simple hexagonal design, with only 12 facets in total (see below). I noticed that the two tiers at 30 degrees gave massive windowing in Gem Cut Studio (GCS), at least for quartz - but perhaps this is a part of the design element? I re-cut the two tiers at 38 degrees in GCS and got much better performance, but maybe this sacrifices the cube optical effect/illusion? Has anyone cut this design or similar? I thought it would be good for rough too thin/too dark for a standard cut. Maybe also it relies on a very unsaturated coloured stone to get the best cube effect.

I am not sure of the copyright of this design, but the first video has a screen showing the basic cutting instructions about 42 seconds in.
Edit: Design is from Kevin Green:

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