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What's in Your Fossicking Tool Kit?

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  When you're starting out fossicking it's hard to figure out what you need to take and what's just dead weight.  After a few years, you start to get it right, even perhaps inventing particular tools to help you out in some specific situations.  You know you've reached this point when new fossickers look at you and go "how did you DO that?"

Here's your chance to repay those respectful gazes by sharing your Jedi tooltips - what's in your definitive fossicking toolbox? (and bags first borrow if you have a light sabre - I have a vugh that needs emptying!!  ;D


WOW!!!! Its been a long time since I went fossicking but the basics I had was, sieves (small ones), plastic buckets, 3 half 44 gallon drums for washing, a pointy nose shovel, a pick, a potato sack to upturn sieve onto, plastic tweezers, water of course and a coffee jar to put the sapphires into (got to be optimistic). Also tent etc and a few drinkies whilst dinner was in the camp oven  ;)

A bucket!!

I've only attacked the beach. ;D

I take quite a bit of stuff with me .... various sieves, buckets, gardening type tools, chisels & hammers for vughing, a tenching shovel, small pick, yabby pump, jerry cans for water etc.

Apart from sieves & buckets, probably the most used item over the years has been my trenching shovel .... it's narrow & has high sides so it gets into smaller places & the gravel doesn't fall off.  I also replaced the handle with a steel tube so it's very strong.  The yabby pump is also quite useful in creeks.

I also now use a 4mm bottom sieve ... sand/dirt falls thru quickly & anything found is a bit bigger in size.  This really helps speed up the process.  Of course, you do miss out on all the very small stuff - but probably never miss a cutter.

One thing I always take with me as well is a "kit" (plastic toolbox) which contains all the non-fossicking stuff & smaller stuff - like coffee, tea, sugar, cup, plate, cutlery, sunscreen, insect repellent, torch, small containers, tweezers, plastic bags etc etc.  I find this very useful to make sure you don't forget anything.

If anyone would like a detailed list of everything that I take let me know.
Regards, Paul

Okay, here's my *heavy* accumulation...

* Long handled shovel
* Trenching shovel
* Pick
* Sledgehammer
* 2kg hammer
* Rock Pick
* Gold Pick
* 18" Gad
* Small rock chisel
* Large rock chisel
* Long handled screwdriver
* Scrubbing brush
* Toothbrush
* Tweezers
* Set of 3 x 17" Sieves
* Set of 3 x 13" Sieves
* Large gold pan
* 1 metre prybar
* Large scoop
* Yabby Pump
* Assorted containers
I think that's about it...  I normally don't take everything all at once, unless I'm going to Inverell and Glen Innes for a week.



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